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Our Awesome Team!

Caroline Hulsey NC LMBT #20480 Black Mountain Massage & Wellness

Caroline Hulsey

Pronouns: She/They

NC LMBT #20480

Caroline is a whole-hearted proponent of radical self-care and an advocate for the body liberation movement. In a world that can feel–and be–physically, mentally, and emotionally oppressive, it is a pinnacle of importance for her to offer a place of respite that is body-neutral, anti-racist, and gender affirming. They extend an open invitation at their massage table for everyone to connect with the idea that treating themselves and their bodies with acts of love and kindness is the first step to treating others with love and kindness. In Caroline’s massage style, she combines slow, connective movements (to warm-up muscle tissues and signal to the body and muscles that they are in a safe-space to release) and then gradually moves into deeper, more specific work to alleviate chronic conditions and pain patterns. They are enthused by the prospect of working towards a future where massage therapy and bodywork are accessible and acceptable for all people. Additionally, Caroline has a soft spot in their heart for trades-people and service industry professionals.

Sarah Newest.jpg

Sarah Flickinger

Pronouns: She/Her

NC LMBT #20000

Sarah came to massage out of desperation, looking for a solution to chronic migraines. It provided one of the first experiences of relief from years of pain that she thought could possibly never be overcome. After realizing what a powerful resource massage is, she went on to study at the Center for Massage and Natural health in Asheville. While attending school she was able to fulfill her deep curiosity about the function of the human body and when it goes awry. Her goal in practicing massage is to be part of a network of health resources for her community. She believes that when a community network is strong, healthy, and supported it will thrive-- much in the same way the network of the human body thrives when it is given the resources it needs. Sarah's massage approach is to create an environment of deep relaxation and healing through slow, intentional, integrated massage, and deep breathing. She enjoys working on shoulder and upper back tension and always works to keep her clients direct goals and needs a highlight of the session.


Lydia Morrow

Pronouns: She/They

NC LMBT #20876

Lydia was initially introduced to bodywork as a high-school athlete when she turned to massage to alleviate chronic pain from sports injuries. She was amazed by the potential of massage to provide physical, mental, and emotional relief for herself. Subsequently, Lydia decided to study massage at the Center for Massage & Natural Health in Asheville, NC, aiming to extend that relief and care to others. She specializes in modalities such as myofascial massage, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, sports massage, and soothing Swedish techniques, tailoring each session to meet the unique needs of the client. Lydia lives on an organic farm in Fairview, NC, where she finds joy in working in the dirt, hiking, road-tripping, playing volleyball, and rollerblading in her spare time.

Jax Walter NC LMBT#20319 Black Mountain Massage & Wellness

Jax Walter

Pronouns: They/Them

NC LMBT #20319

Jax completed massage therapy training at the Center for Massage and Natural Health in Asheville, NC. Their interest in massage therapy grew from their involvement with community work and organizing over the last decade. They witnessed the high levels of burnout, instances of chronic pain and chronic stress people experienced and wanted to have a tangible skill for supporting their community members. They strive to offer integrative touch that relaxes the nervous system and supports the body’s natural tendency towards healing. They employ techniques from Neuromuscular therapy, Myofascial release, and Swedish massage to form a blend of pain relief and relaxation in alignment with client goals. They especially enjoy working with folks who have never had a massage before and helping people to get more in touch with their bodies.

Dawn Headshot.jpg

Dawn Zielger

Pronouns: She/They

NC LMBT #20730

Dawn specializes in a blend of therapeutic & integrative massage therapy. Her goal is to discover the root cause of chronic issues & help people feel better in their bodies by creating a customized therapeutic experience with each session. Her style of massage may include modalities such as Thai yoga, therapeutic Swedish, deep tissue and some myofascial massage.

Beth New.jpeg

Beth Rivenbark

Pronouns: She/Her

NC LMBT #20346

Beth graduated from the Center for Massage and Natural Health in Asheville, NC. She was drawn to massage after experiencing firsthand the benefits massage therapy has not only on the body, but also the mind and spirit. She is especially drawn to using her intuitive nature to help clients on their healing journey and is also a Reiki practitioner. One of her favorite things is when she gets to incorporate both Reiki and massage into a session. She enjoys integrating techniques and approaches to best meet every client's goals or needs for the session. She is a native North Carolinian and lives on a farmstead in Leicester with multiple dogs, cats, chickens, bee’s and goats. She and her wife of 12 years also open their home to children in foster care and are currently fostering a 15 month old. Beth has a passion for photography, gardening, music and helping people feel better not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. She looks forward to working with the people of Black Mountain and those visiting the area. 

Aina Rapoza NC LMBT #20366 Black Mountain Massage & Wellness

'Aina Rapoza

Pronouns: He/Him

NC LMBT #20366

With experience in and a love for team sports, 'Aina takes a "teamwork" approach to body work. You will work together to understand what soft tissue issues may be plaguing your well being. He will check in on potential trigger points while you help direct him to areas that are causing your discomfort. 'Aina enjoys utilizing Neuro-Muscular-Therapy (NMT) techniques, other deep tissue approaches, in combination with the knowledge you have of your body to help facilitate therapeutic releases and clear up problem areas. When not at the office, 'Aina can be spotted around the Asheville Improv Scene taking classes, stage managing, and performing.  He is also a fan of the Oxford comma. As a football fan, during the fall, please do not mention any scores as he streams all of the games after they have been played.


Lizzy Turner

Pronouns: She/Her

NC LMBT #20692

Lizzy was drawn to the healing arts as a teenager, setting her on a path of self discovery that landed her at the Center for Massage and Natural Health to study massage. She believes in whole body health and going within to heal. Her own experiences of receiving relief from physical discomfort and pain inform her practice and are part of what drew her to supporting others on their journey for answers and a better understanding of their body. In her sessions, she enjoys offering a space for all her clients to let go and receive. She loves incorporating deeper therapeutic work with Swedish massage foundations and is always looking to bring new tools and techniques to her practice.

Briggs New.jpeg

Briggs Wallis

Pronouns: She/Her

NC LMBT #19932

Briggs has been a natural health and wellness professional for the past 17 years. She practices as a massage therapist, nutritionist, medicinal herbalist, natural health teacher, certified yoga teacher, end-of-life doula, astrologer, and licensed clinical mental health counselor associate. Her integrative massage utilizes a combination of therapeutic modalities to focus on the specific needs of each individual. Within her integrative bodywork practice she specializes in specific
injury treatment, myofascial techniques, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sound therapy tuning forks, cupping, polarity therapy, reiki, and lymphatic massage.

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