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Couples Massage

Relax and Unwind with a Loved One

A couples massage is a unique bonding experience, allowing you both to experience the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of a massage in a more connected environment.  A couples massage is a relaxing, enjoyable, and soothing activity that you and your companion can experience together!​ As with all our sessions, your therapists will tailor individual treatments for both of you, addressing your specific therapy needs and desired pressure.

To book a couples treatment, please text or call 828-674-6188.

 Please take a look at our therapist profiles for a sense of their styles, areas of expertise and additional study before booking if you have something specific in mind.


Why Our Rates Include a 'Tip' Amount

Most locations expect you to pay a gratuity amount (20-35%) on top of their published rates. This industry standard sets therapists up to earn a living wage only when clients leave a gratuity. We don’t want our therapists worried about earning tips to pay their rent. We believe guaranteeing them a living wage outside of individual client tipping practices and abilities is better for everyone. This is why we include the ‘tip’ amount listed per service in their compensation. For this reason, additional gratuity at checkout is never expected or required, although still accepted. Any tip you leave above our service rate will be just that - an extra thank you for the service you received.


75 Minute Couples Massage


$140/massage + 25 Tip/Therapist

You'll be surprised what that extra 15 minutes allows your therapist to accomplish with you! This is a great option if you want full body attention in addition to a little extra work on a focal area or simply a longer time to relax and soak up those massage vibes. We can mix and match other 75 minute sessions and any enhancement can be added to either session.

Back Massage

60 minute Couples Massage


$115/massage + 20 Tip/Therapist

Great for a single focus area deep dive or a good full-body hello for you and your partner. You'll work with your therapist to customize pressure and meet your needs and goals for the session. We can mix and match other 60 minute sessions and any enhancement can be added to either session.

90 Minute Couples Massage

$160/massage + $29 Tip/Therapist


Good for 1-2 focal areas combined with full body work. This service is guaranteed to put you in happy-bye-bye-land or give you and your therapist enough time to work through a more complicated issue. You'll work with your therapist to customize pressure and meet your needs and goals for the session. We can mix and match other 90 minute sessions and any enhancement can be added to either session.

Add On Services

Add as many as you want to any service for some extra pampering!

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy/Prenatal $10 - adds 15 minutes

Expecting? Turn any service into a prenatal service. Services will be done in supported side lying position and the extra time will make sure you get your full time on the table even with that bathroom break in the middle.

Hot Towels for massage

Hot Towels $5

Enjoy the extra heat treatment to your back, feet, neck and head.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones $20

Your therapist will incorporate hot stones into your area of focus - normally the neck, back and shoulders. The extra heat helps melt and relax your muscles.

Cupping for Massage Therapy

Cupping $20

Address your myofascial system, increase blood flow and loosen up those tissues with cupping. Great for those who like therapeutic and deep work. Incorporated in to your area of choice, most commonly back and shoulders.

CBD Massage Oil by Black Bear Botanicals

CBD Oil by Black Bear Botanicals $20

Nourish your body and skin that little extra bit. Your therapist will use a CBD infused massage oil (500mg concentration) from our local provider, Black Bear Botanicals, for your session.

Reflexology Inspired Foot Massage

Feet retreat $40 - adds 15 minutes

Give your feet the ultimate treatment with this detoxifying foot scrub followed by a reflexology inspired foot massage. Finish it off with a specialized foot butter and moisturizing hot towel wrap that will leave your feet feeling fresh and taken care of.

more time.jpeg

Extra 15 Minutes $25 - adds 15 minutes

Can only be added to our 30 minute focal sessions, 90 minute sessions and 120 minute sessions. To give you and your therapist that extra time you might need!

Cancellation Policy

No show appointments will be charged the full price of the session booked.

Appointments canceled within 24 hours or less will be charged a $50 cancellation fee per appointment
(pending exceptions listed below) . If we are ever able to re-book your appointment
slot with such short notice, this fee will be waived.

If you are feeling under the weather in any small way, we ask that you cancel or reschedule your service.  If you are able to reschedule, there will be no fee. If we are able to fill your appointment
slot, there will be no fee. If the two previous options don't work out, we will charge a $15 cancellation
fee that will be paid directly to your therapist. We appreciate your understanding in this!

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